Project Details

The Jackson Hewitt Kiosk

Jackson Hewitt Booth


Objective: Design a modular, portable kiosk system for seasonal use in Walmarts and other locations. The old design was welded steel. It was heavy and difficult to assemble and take down.


Solution: As full service partners of Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, we designed, prototyped, and deployed new retail kiosks for both corporate clients and franchisees.

This is an ongoing partnership, with annual updates as part of the package. We create and develop new products and features based on feedback, working within any changes to their business model. DeProMark coordinates their annual product roll out, and procures all of the components for up to a thousand kiosks a year.

For our client’s convenience, we built a website with an online ordering system. is a Jackson Hewitt access-only site with phone coverage, project management, product knowledge assistance, shipping, warehousing, and service with a smile.

• Strategy • Design • Prototype • Fixture • Production • Branding • Consolidation • Logistics • Installation •