Project Details



American Express and Wal-mart were seeking a modular store-in-store structure that would draw attention to the new AMEX product and drive customers to register for the card while filling empty lease space in the store. Because we research, observe and learn, DeProMark was selected to Design, Manufacture and Install this new program.

We were challenged with creating a solution that was temporary, logistically simple to deliver, move, install and dismantle, and would meet any field condition that existed, and ultimately delivered a clean, consistent brand image.

The Bluebird Center pilot has launched in the first thirty Wal-mart stores in the Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth markets. Each structure is modular and is designed to instantly brand and fill any empty lease space Wal-mart has, immediately converting dead space to dollars.

• Strategy • Design • Prototype • Fixture • Production • Branding • Consolidation • Logistics • Installation •